These surveys and reports can be carried out on commercial or residential property for the following purposes and can be tailored to suit the individual client requirements;

  • Survey of a property or group of properties in order to establish and develop the policy and strategy in relation to the acquisition and/or development. This can include the options/alternatives available, detailed costs, comment on statutory requirements and can be specifically tailored to include the following;
    • Condition
    • Cost of remedial work required
    • Establishing the extent of compliance with specific statutory requirements
    • Feasibility of altering/extending/ refurbishing
    • Feasibility of carrying out specific work – repairs, upgrading, etc
    • Suitability for a specific present or future use
    • Suitability for specialist installations
    • Establishing future Planned Maintenance
    • Availability of Grant Aid, etc
    • Impact of Listed Status, if applicable
    • Impact of proposed work on adjacent or subject property
    • Schedule of Condition prior to occupation or commencing work

These services can include all or a combination of the following and would generally involve JMPC being appointed as Lead Consultant. JMPC has previously provided services on a range of commercial, residential, industrial and specialised buildings such as hospitals and including new buildings and/or the refurbishment, alteration or extension of existing buildings;

  • Condition Survey/Feasibility Report as above.
  • Advice on the appointment of other professionals (M&E Engineers, Structural Engineers, Health & Safety Advisor, etc) or directly appoint/manage these consultants on a client’s behalf.
  • Production of outline and detailed architectural drawings including site layouts, measured surveys, space planning, etc, ensuring technically correct designs, specifying the correct construction methodology and materials with due consideration given to the relevant technical, environmental and cost considerations.
  • Obtaining Planning & Building Regulation Approval and other Statutory Permissions.
  • Preparation of accurate, detailed and complete Bills of Quantities and/or Schedules of Work ensuring technically correct specifications.
  • Advising on the suitable form of building contract.
  • Advising on the selection of suitable building contractors.
  • Management of the tender process including issuing, evaluating & reporting on tenders.
  • Management of the Post Contract Stage to include the following;
    • Chair and minute regular design/technical meetings.
    • Ensure adequate construction monitoring.
    • Review progress and performance of all consultants/contractors/suppliers.
    • Establish control and reporting systems for time, cost and quality.
    • Anticipate and resolve issues.
    • Manage, assess and advise on the impact of changes.
    • Ensure Handover.
    • Agree Final Account.
    • Manage to expiry of Defects Liability Period.

JMPC can act as the Assigned Certifier in accordance with the Republic of Ireland Building Control Amendment Regulations 2014.